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Slow Love – love at second or third sight

Slow Love - love at second or third sight

Some have experienced it, others wait a lifetime for it, and yet others do not believe it exists: love at first sight. When two people meet and both are immediately electrified by the sight of the other, it can be the beginning of a romantic love story. Far more often, however, it happens that two people simply like each other at the first meeting. They decide to meet again and get to know each other better. During the first dates it turns out relatively quickly whether feelings actually arise on both sides, which can be the foundation for a relationship. But there are other ways – and the result is at least as nice, if not better. Slow Love is the name of the phenomenon when two people do not fall in love with each other at the first attempt, but rather very slowly.

We have summarized for you what you should know about Slow Love and what makes this kind of falling in love so special.

Fall in love spontaneously and passionately - and everything fits?

In love films everything seems to be very simple. Two people meet and fall madly in love. The beautiful thing is that they not only find each other physically attractive, they also fit together perfectly in character. A scenario that unfortunately doesn’t happen as often in real life as we would like it to. Admittedly, the outward appearance is the first thing we notice in another person. Even before we hear his voice, know his name or have any other information about our counterpart, we get a first impression through the appearance. If we evaluate the appearance of the person we are looking at as attractive, the first prerequisite for falling in love with him or her has already been created. Sometimes, however, it turns out during the process of getting to know them that it won’t work out with the great love. Our new acquaintance may have a strange sense of humour, views that are incomprehensible to us, or simply do not seem likeable to us. But if we are so blinded by our outer appearance, it can take a while until we realize that we probably didn’t hit the jackpot here after all. Sometimes we even find a person so attractive that we throw ourselves head over heels into an affair and passionately devote ourselves to an adventure – even though we realize early on that we don’t fit together. All of this is unproblematic as long as we do not approach the matter with false expectations and hope that the other person will change for us. Otherwise the result is often an unforgettable, but unfortunately also painful experience.

Love can grow slowly and then the rest will fit

We often find that there is a lot that connects us with someone we have known for a long time. We can have deep conversations with each other and have a lot of fun together. Then it can happen that over time we fall in love with this person – even though we did not initially perceive them as particularly attractive. The nose of the person we know, which recently seemed a bit too big for us, the short hair of our work colleague, which we did not find particularly attractive – these and many other characteristics then become special features that we learn to appreciate and would not wish for anything else. From now on they belong to the person who warms our hearts, at whose side we feel comfortable and who brings a smile to our faces every day. Slow Love can come into being when we get to know a person completely impartially and away from any physical attraction. We then fall in love with the essence of our acquaintance, their character and all the values that make them up. A good basis for a lasting and happy relationship and a reason why work colleagues or platonic friends always end up becoming couples. Love often grows secretly and unnoticed within us until we realize that there is more to it than we had suspected. Sometimes an igniting moment leads to this realization. This can be an intense eye contact that unexpectedly triggers a tingling in us or a smile from the other person that suddenly fascinates us more than ever before. This magical moment and the familiarity that has built up over time then brings them to light: Slow Love – the love that has grown slowly.

Slow Love - isn't there something missing?

Perhaps you are firmly convinced that a man or woman must also spontaneously please you on the outside so that you can fall in love. Then the slow kind of love has certainly not happened to you yet. Because physical attraction can also develop later, namely when your own feelings for a person change. Slow Love is therefore not in contrast to love at first sight, where emotions boil over with passion right from the start. It is just a different way of falling in love, where the individual phases take place in a different order. The advantage is that two people who slowly approach each other and get to know each other intensively before entering into a relationship already have a reliable idea of what to expect. But still, there is no guarantee for the success of a partnership, however it has come about. Because love has its own rules. Only one thing is certain: No matter in which way it finds its way into your life – whether suddenly like a lightning strike or very slowly like a warm summer rain ending in a veritable storm of emotions – when it is there, you will definitely feel it.

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