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7 rituals that strengthen your relationship

7 rituals that strengthen your relationship

Have you ever watched couples who feel like they have been together all their lives? Maybe you have noticed that they have certain habits that are often only common for new lovers. They hold hands while walking, give each other a kiss as a greeting or take their meals together. These loving rituals can help to strengthen a relationship and keep it going for a long time. They are not to be confused with boring routines or bad habits that cause love for each other to be lost. Loving rituals deepen the bond between two people and make them grow even closer together, because they give a relationship a secure framework and promote a feeling of togetherness and trust.

We have put together 7 rituals for you, which can also strengthen your relationship.

1. exchanges affection regularly

The exchange of caresses is an important part of happy relationships, even -or especially- when the first touch of infatuation has passed. There is nothing to be said against giving loving touches a firm place in the couple’s relationship in the form of rituals. In this way they cannot be forgotten and provide a deep feeling of connection in the long term. Kissing, holding hands, cuddling in the evening – all this can be easily integrated into everyday life and despite the habit does not lose its charm. On the contrary – because regular touching keeps the desire alive and cranking up the desire for more.

2. eat together more often

We do it every day and this gives us the opportunity to make a valuable ritual out of it every day. Eating together can be so much more than just satisfying the feeling of hunger. No matter whether you are in the advantageous position of being able to eat all your meals together, can only do it once a day, or can only do it a couple of times a week. Make the most of your time at the table. You can use the meal together to share your thoughts, tell each other about your experiences or make exciting plans for the future.

3. divides all tasks

As unromantic as it may sound, tasks and obligations are integral parts of our lives and also of our relationships. So be realistic and think practically. The more precisely and fairly you divide your daily obligations, the more freedom you both have for the beautiful things in life. Also, you will no longer waste time in regular discussions about who should do what, thus reducing the basis for conflict and strife. This does not mean that you cannot take things from each other now and then just because they are not your responsibility. Helping each other or doing work together makes you grow even closer together.

4. undertakes something from time to time

Joint activities outside your own four walls are a great way to keep your relationship fresh and not get bogged down in the daily grind. It doesn’t always have to be the big trip to a far away country. Even smaller trips are enough to break out of everyday life and to explore new things with fun and joy, thus ensuring lasting memories. After all, it is the special moments that we like to remember and that make the magic of a partnership. Therefore collect as many of them as possible.

5. sometimes goes at a distance

As much as you both may enjoy spending as much time together as possible, make sure you give each other enough space. If you are constantly squatting on each other, you will probably get on each other’s nerves at some point. Even as a couple, it is important not to merge into a complete unity. After all, despite your strong bond, each of you is still an independent individual with individual needs and interests. Whether it’s meeting your best friend or training with a good buddy, do something without the other one on a regular basis. The nice thing about it: Later you can tell each other about what you experienced or learned something new. That way you stay interesting for each other and regularly provide fresh conversation material.

6. talks a lot together

One of the most common reasons for difficulties in relationships is a lack of communication between partners. So be sure to make time for regular conversations. This can be during dinner, but also on a specific evening of the week. Don’t just chat about trivialities and don’t make it a habit to discuss only the most necessary things. Be sure to talk about your sensitivities, your wishes or worries and of course about your plans together. Ask the other person questions and let him finish. This way both of you will have the feeling that you are understood and taken seriously. This strengthens your relationship with each other and gives you the security of having a firm anchor in life.

7. set common goals

A home of your own, a trip around the world, a large family – there is hardly anything that binds you closer together as a couple than having common goals. Figure out what you want from your life together and what you definitely want to achieve together, and then work on it. In all your zeal, however, also take care not to lose each other as a couple. Too little time for each other and the constant desire to earn enough money to achieve everything you set out to do can be a real test of strength for your partnership. Regular time out and a check up every now and then to see if you are still on the right track can help you to survive stressful times and strengthen your relationship.

Now it is up to you to check how many loving rituals you have already been able to integrate into your relationship and whether there is still room for improvement. For this you can follow our tips or become creative yourself. Just develop your own habits that give your relationship strength and support and make it something very special for you. The important thing is that you both feel comfortable with your rituals and keep them for a long time.

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